Quality Font = Quality Brand


Free fonts work well for web or mobile platforms.

If you want a quality corporate font style, consider investing in a quality font family. I prefer to use MyFonts as ''my font supplier'. I have bought fonts from many suppliers and I find MyFonts quick and easy. They have some fantastic packages and a wide choice of styles. For example: https://www.myfonts.com/package/643254/ (No kickbacks to me for mentioning them by the way!)

Professional fonts are more predictable in output software. Their quality format creates less issues for print and signage solution providers. OpenType is a common, modern font format.

Fonts are so easy to use now. So much easier than hand-applied Letraset and waxed, galley run-outs from typesetters! I urge you to consider buying a font family package for your corporate image - invest in your brand.

PowerPoint presentations – don’t let your audience slide away

PowerPoint presentations are visual mediums that should engage your audience with simple and clear slide layouts. Alarmingly, many presentations do quite the opposite when using low resolution graphics, cut/paste maps, cluttered slides and poorly exposed photographs.

Logo quality does matter...


I am amazed at the number of businesses that happily spend tens of thousands on a company car but hesitate to invest a fraction of that in their company logo (and branding) on a regular basis.

Establishing a QUALITY folio of brand logos, colours and specified fonts is smart business. Applying them consistently to ALL of your business publications, stationery and associated items is also smart business.

Using JPGs from your website or a scan of your letterhead logo for the next ad or print job aren't the quick fix you might think. Poor quality logos and lack of business-wide design consistency depreciates perception of your brand just like driving your new car off the lot depreciates its value...

Logo quality really does matter - read more about logos and branding...