PowerPoint presentations – don’t let your audience slide away


PowerPoint presentations are visual mediums that should engage your audience with simple and clear slide layouts. Alarmingly, many presentations do quite the opposite.

Whilst PowerPoint has very powerful tools and themes for creating your own graphics and objects there will come a time when custom maps, schematics and illustrations need to be created. Custom PowerPoint themes can be designed to control fonts, colours, list elements and layouts through slide masters, keeping your presentation in sync with your brand.

Low resolution graphics, cut/paste maps, cluttered slides and poorly exposed photographs can quickly destroy the impact of what the target audience/investor SHOULD be seeing. There is a very real chance you could also be destroying the credibility of what you are presenting through poor presentation. You may also be breaching copyright using ‘borrowed’ images and maps from the web!

Custom map illustration creates simplified layouts, removes unwanted elements, puts focus on key locations/activities (enhanced with a custom legend) and enables the inclusion of overlays highlighting the key products/solutions that you want the audience to focus on.

Schematics can demonstrate process in simplified ways making it easier for the audience to understand.


Cropping, colour correcting and adjusting exposure of photographs ensures your audience can clearly see what you want them to see. Airbrushing or contouring away unwanted distractions and backgrounds is another excellent visual solution.

Once complete, custom illustration and image files can be published in your company documents, on social media and the web, giving you consistent professional presentation across all platforms.

Professional presentation solutions using simple theme design, quality illustration and high-quality images can increase engagement with your audience. An engaged audience is more likely to be interested in your product or investment offering – not distracted by a cluttered, low quality presentation.

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