Communicating your message through graphic design may take many different forms depending on your target audience. Engaging an experienced graphic designer/finished artist will ensure you get a quality outcome. 

Whether it is for marketing, advertising, direct mail marketing, catalogues, reporting or sales, or if it is to be printed or digitally published, Peter can get the job done for you.

Some of the graphic design and finished art solutions Peter provides are:

  • Logos - Design and Redraw

  • Corporate Stationery and Branding

  • Sales and Marketing Material

  • Reports

  • Newsletters

  • Brochures

  • Catalogues

  • Annual Reports

  • Digital Content

  • Conference Material

    • Flyers

    • Posters

    • Registration Brochure

    • Banners

    • Signage

    • Conference Handbook

    • Abstracts and Speaker Handbook

    • Site Maps

    • Stickers

    • Proceedings

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Business and Annual Reports are important documents. Quality design and layout with clear graphics and imagery make them impacting.

Annual report design and investor publications are an opportunity to graphically present and market the achievements of your business or organisation to your stakeholders. Most commonly designed for private companies, public companies, government departments and not-for-profit organisations in formats such as:

  • Annual Report design - both fully formatted or with PDF financials placed

  • Shareholder Reviews

  • Shareholder Newsletters

  • Initial Public Offerings (IPO)

  • Prospectus

  • Bidder Statements

  • Information Memorandums

  • Strategic Plans

  • Business Plans

  • Collateral and Methodology Documents

  • Conference materials

Don't forget. Peter also offers key solutions in content creation and illustration and mapping. For annual report design solutions in Adelaide - give Peter a call (0413 623 958) or email - 


finished art

It is different to graphic design and not all designers understand it...

Graphic design is different to finished art but both roles are often done by a designer. 

Finished art is the artwork that is created and used to generate the print ready files that will be handed to the final output provider: eg. printer, magazine or newspaper.

Having worked in the art room of a printing company, Peter is experienced in providing print ready, finished art. 

Next time you need print ready finished art, contact Peter.