Branding and Identity

“Symbols don’t make it clear what you do. It just makes it clear who you are. The less they say – the better.” Ivan Chermayeff, American Logo Designer.

Your brand and identity should be consistent throughout your business, marketing and public attention activities in order to establish your specific identity. 

Ways to achieve consistent Brand Recognition:

Branding & IDENTITY

Branding is the 'facade' that your target audience sees and then perceives as your brand identity. In this era of social media, that perception can be independently assessed and commented upon very quickly!



Branding is not difficult - have these items on hand at any time for quick reference/supply:

  • Brand Manual

    • Describes how to use your logo on various applications - eg stationery

    • States the Pantone colours of your corporate image

    • States the fonts for your company

  • Logo - Electronic files

    • Printers and signwriters need the highest quality logo files

      • EPS, Adobe Illustrator or Vector PDF in CMYK color

    • Web and screen display

      • JPG or PNG usually - RGB color

I am amazed at the number of businesses that happily buy a new company car but hesitate to brand their business professionally and consistently!

  • Photography - corporate and profiles

    • Make sure photography on your website and in brochures and ads etc are of the highest quality

    • Staff/Manager profile photos - make them clear, will lit and professional!


Logo design should consider the smallest reproduction size, mono reproduction, apparel application and building signage in order to show you how one design works across any medium.

Logo Re-draw – do you ACTUALLY have a print ready logo at hand?

Take a quick audit of your logo files and if you don’t have a high-quality logo at hand you should contact your designer and get a vector (AI or EPS) file for both colour and mono. If your printer or designer are no longer contactable and you own the copyright to your logo Peter can redraw it (or redesign it) – check a cost for this. Investing in your brand is smart business.

Sort out your logo and branding today - your business will benefit from consistency... contact Peter